News & Events

35th International Geological Congress (IGC)

In the dedicated Session « Geoscience data and information systems », WP15 WorkPackage leader (Mr.

4th WP15 Workshop - Potsdam (Germany)

The EPOS IP Working Package 15, TCS Geological information and modelling will organize its forth internal meeting in Postdam (Germany) at GFZ headquarter.

2nd EPOS Implementation Phase Council (IPC) meeting

The EPOS Implementation Phase Council (IPC)  has scheduled its second meeting on October 5th - 6th 2016. 

3D geoscience, borehole ad hoc meeting at the Dublin OGC/TC

The objective of this meeting is to gather diverse projects and organisations represented at the the Dublin OGC/TC to consider the community needs and requirements, existing standards, and to discu

3rd WP15 Workshop at GSI (Dublin)

A WP15 meeting will be held in Dublin in June 2016 to pursue ongoing work on Use Cases and discuss the roadmap.

The workshop has been purposedly scheduled to coincide with the upcoming OCC TC to favour and promote participation, interactions and exchanges on boreholes and 3D standards.

EGU Conference 2016

EPOS will participate at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016 that will be held in the city of Vienna, Austria, mid April .  

EPOS will lead a session on Integrated Research Infrastructures and Services in Geosciences...

1st EPOS-IP TCS-ICS Integration Workshop

Preparatory work was carried out in order to generalise models and geological maps.

WP15 had prior worked on some priority DDSS, outlining their status, how feasible it were to implement them within the first 24M period.

2nd WP15 workshop on Boreholes and Use Case definition

WP15 members met in Paris to work on boreholes, borehole data being one of the DDSS elements from the list presented at the Rome KO to be provided as a service. In parallel, they discussed and settled on a definition of the Use Cases (Boreholes,  Geological Maps,  3D / 4D , Geohazards,… ).

WP15 Kick-off meeting

The WP15 kick-off meeting is hosted by GEUS in Copenhagen.

WP15 regular web Conferences

Twice a month WP15 members are holding a webconference to exchange, plan and track actions and decisions, achieve both global and technical coordination.

EPOS IP @ EGU 2017

EPOS will be at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017

5th Service Coordination Board meeting

The 5th Service Coordination Board (SCB) members will meet for the forth time on March the 3rd, 2017

2nd EPOS IP TCS - ICS Integration Workshop in Prague

The workshop will be open to all EPOS IP key players and held the1st and 2nd March 2017