The overall objective of TCS Seismology is to establish sustainable and harmonized services in Seismology that provide access to - and interaction with - seismological data, products, and tools (services) on a European level.

In particular, the objectives of the EPOS TCS Seismology (EPOS-Seismology) beyond the current activities in the EPOS-IP project can be summarize as follows:

  • Provide governance and coordination, including scientific and organizational oversight, of the EPOS-Seismology services and their interaction within EPOS and with the academic community, and secure the interaction with other stakeholders.
  • Maintain close integration with other EPOS TCS and the ICS regarding interoperability and use of tools & services, data models and metadata formats, computational platforms and IT implementations.
  • Operate the  European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA) to collect and access all classes of seismic waveforms, including permanent networks, temporary deployments, strong-motion, ocean-bottom and structural monitoring arrays, together with advanced metadata (data quality metrics, station characterization).
  • Provide the EPOS Seismology platform to collect, integrate, validate and distribute seismological products and information to scientists and other users, including improved access to information on historical (non-instrumental) and instrumental earthquake data, and develop authoritativeness concepts for products.
  • Ensure open access to state of the art, authoritative information on earthquake hazard and risk, harmonized across Europe, including software, models, and best practices, to a wide range of stakeholders to support national and local seismic hazard & risk assessment; provide curation, validation and community coordination of reviews and updates of the underlying data sets and models, and build an interface to the Geotechnical and Engineering communities and services.
  • Operate Computational Seismology tools and services as part of the overall Computational Earth Science infrastructure of EPOS.