GNSS Data and Products is one of the EPOS  projects Thematic Core Services or TCS's. The general objective of this TCS is to develop an open source platform with programmatic and web interfaces to store and disseminate raw data and metadata from GNSS stations operating in Europe, thereby providing access to an integrated European network of data providers.

This system aims to increase the quantity and availability of the data at a European level and also to deliver products based on the raw data. High quality computed products such as positions, time series, velocities and strain rate fields provide European researchers in Earth Science with relevant information for finding new data patterns, making new discoveries and even creating new science.

The specific goals are:

Construct the future governance of Thematic Core Services (TCS) GNSS Data & Products in EPOS;

Interact with the geodetic community in Europe, at national and Pan-European (EUREF) levels;

Ensure interoperability between EPOS GNSS services (data and products) and EPOS Integrated Core Services (ICS);

Promote multidisciplinary interoperability with other disciplines within EPOS;

Implement distributed dissemination of validated file-based GNSS data for about 2000 stations in the first 2 years with the goal of reaching 3000 by the end of the EPOS-IP;

Implement computation and distributed dissemination of GNSS long-term products (position time-series, velocities, strain rate maps) based on the EPOS associated stations;

Develop plans for the future preservation of GNSS data, dissemination of real-time GNSS data, and generation and dissemination of other geodetic products.

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