EPOS contribution will be a theme at 2017 AGU Fall Meeting

Rui Fernandes, coordinator for EPOS GNSS Data and Products, will attend as a speaker for 2017 AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. He will present an abstract entitled The Contribution for Improving GNSS Data and Derived Products for Solid Earth Sciences Promoted by EPOS-IP.

This event is an opportunity to disseminate EPOS efforts by explaining, first, that the GNSS working group, which is a part of the EPOS-IP (European Plate Observing System – Implementation Phase) project, oversees the implementation of services focused on GNSS data and derived products for the use of the geo-sciences community.

In the meantime, Rui Fernandes will approach that the objective is to serve essentially the Solid Earth community, but other scientific and technical communities will also be able the benefit of the efforts being carried out to access the data (and derived products) of the European Geodetic Infrastructures.

“The geodetic component of EPOS is dealing essentially with implementing an e-infrastructure to store and disseminate continuous GNSS data (and derived solutions) from existing Research Infrastructures and new dedicated services”, states Rui Fernandes. He will emphasize that present efforts are on developing an integrated software package, called GLASS, that will permit to disseminate quality controlled data (using special tools) in a seamless way from dozens of Geodetic Research Infrastructures in Europe.

“Conceptually, GLASS can be used in a single Research Infrastructure or in hundreds

cooperative ones”, highlights Fernandes.


At this event will be presented and discussed the status of the implementation of these services, including also the generation of products – time-series, velocity fields and strain rate fields. In concrete, will be unveiled the results of the current validation phase of these services and we will discuss in detail the technical and cooperative efforts being implemented.

EPOS-IP is a project funded by the ESFRI European Union.

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More information at 2017 AGU Fall Meeting website.

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