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Geological Information and Modeling workpackage (WP15) is responsible for building up on huge amount of geological and borehole information available from the European Geological Surveys and providing a number of services easily accessible through the EPOS infrastructure and multidisciplinary research platform.

View from borehole, 2015, T. Klinka, brgm

Geology is not just about studying the Earth composition, structure and processes overtime, it also is about understanding how our planet works, how it interacts with the surrounding elements (ground, water, air) and how this affects the daily lives of human beings worldwide. Geology deals with the availability of natural resources, energy, the occurrence of natural phenomenon, the prevention of geohazards, the protection of environment, climate changes…, all major issues of sustainable development our modern societies have to tackle in a fast changing world.

Scientific knowledge on geology is in constant evolution and the process is enhanced by the impact of new technologies and tools on discovery, data collection and dissemination of information. Scientists, researchers and states are aware of the need to capitalize on the huge amounts of acquired and compiled data to elaborate technical recommendations in various strategic domains. Geological mapping, natural risk assessment, mineral resources or ground water inventory made accessible come in support to many end users (policy-makers, development agencies, public and private sector investors, geoscience communities, civil society…) to make enlightened decisions for the future. The objectives of global organisations (GEOSS, OGC, IUGS…) and the implementation of many initiatives (OneGeology, EGDI, INSPIRE …) reflect this interest and concern.

Within the EPOS initiative, the objective to make available data accessible to the scientific community is achieved though the creation of an efficient and comprehensive multidisciplinary research platform for the Earth Sciences in Europe by putting together the expertise and data from research organizations and from the European Geological Surveys community.

WP15 is responsible for a Thematic Core Service (TCS) named “Geological Data and Modelling” and will work on 3 major axes:

  • Develop, consolidate and take advantage of the synergy between the existing data infrastructure of the Geological Surveys and of the large amount of information produced by the research organisations and international communities: geological maps, stratigraphic boreholes, geohazard datasets, geological models catalogues.
  • Develop new services on:

1) Scientific drilling data (boreholes and associated drilling data).
2) Scientific subsurface data (3D/4D models, associated raw data, data provenance, vocabulary definition): create a catalogue of the various available models.

  • Create a catalogue of the various available models.

It will focus on a broad range of resources:

  • Borehole data
  • Geological maps
  • 3 & 4D models
  • Geophysical data
  • Active seismic data
  • GeoHazards maps
  • Sample analysis data
  • Subsurface data

Testing and validation of the DSSS elements will be carried out at TCS level before integration at EPOS level, through the implementation of Use Cases (UCs).

Processing and use of simulation and visualisation tools will subsequently support the integrated analysis and characterisation of complex subsurface structures and their inherent dynamic processes. 
This will provide future virtual research environments with means to facilitate the use of existing information for future applications.

In addition, workflows will be established that allow the integration of other existing and new data and applications. This will in turn aid in the overall understanding of complex multi-scale geo-scientific questions. This TCS will work alongside other EPOS TCSs to create an efficient and comprehensive multidisciplinary research platform for the Earth Sciences in Europe. TCSs in EPOS are closely interconnected and WP15 is involved, as leader or partner, in 10 transverse domains: boreholes, models, geophysical measures, rock sample properties, georesources (ores, mining index or sites), geohazards (landslides, floods, earthquakes,…). The WP15 will lead for the whole of the Thematic Core Services the domains of Geology, georesources, 3D/4D models and borehole data and active seismic. It will co-lead the rock sample domain.

WP15 Leader :  TCS Leader - BRGM