EPOS Implementation Phase

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preparatory faseThe EPOS Implementation Phase started in 2014 following the completion of the Preparatory Phase. Running until 2019 it has two major milestones. Firstly, the Implementation Phase project which is funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and which runs from 2015-2019. Secondly, the establishment of the EPOS European Research Infrastructure Consortium which will see EPOS becoming a legal entity

Making the EPOS platform of services operational in 2019 also depends on actions and support running in parallel at both a national and European level:

  • maintenance and operational support to Technical Core Services from National Research Infrastructures;
  • support from national initiatives and in-kind contributions to the implementation of TCS;
  • funding of national and European projects in order to further develop TCS components;
  • third-party contributions from the private and government sector.