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Since EPOS Preparatory Phase, a number of reference documents has been produced.  Such Documents can help the various stakeholders to better understand the technical aspects of the EPOS ICT framework.

The most relevant technical resources are:

  1. INTEGRATION GUIDELINES LEVEL 1 a generalistic flyer which explains the technical aspects of EPOS.
  2. INTEGRATION GUIDELINES LEVEL 2 a detailed document describing the EPOS architecture on ICS and TCS side.
  3. EPOS ICT SUMMARY a deliverable from EPOS PP where the prototype and the metadata are better discussed.
  4. REPORT ON E-INFRASTRUCTURE PROTOTYPE This report describes the state and plans of the EPOS WP6 WG7 (e-infrastructure) team as of M42 of the project. It contains information about RIDE, the architectural design for the EPOS e-infrastructure, a collection of use cases which inform the architectural design including required facilities and service, details about the demonstator.