GNSS Data and Products Workshop

Event Date: 
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 to Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Coimbra, Portugal


The GNSS Data and Products´ meeting is already scheduled to take place from January 16th, 2018 to January 17th, 2018 at Coimbra, Portugal.

The objective of this workshop is to discuss about the current status of EPOS-IP project on the January 16th (Tuesday). The second day (Wednesday, 17th) will be more focused on the future EPOS-ERIC.

coimbra-universidade-2-832x468.jpgAbout Coimbra -   If “Coimbra is a lesson”, as the popular fado song says, Coimbra is firstly a lesson of Portuguese History. Here is the grave of Kings Afonso Henriques and Sancho I, the first Portuguese Kings and, all over the city, you will discover landmarks left by those who built the nation, whether they are the outbuildings of the University, created by King D. Dinis, or the monuments you should mandatorily visit, of which the contributions of King John III, the Marquis of Pombal and King Manuel stand out. From the magnificent scale of the Joanine Library to the symbolism of the Santa Cruz convent, the old capital of the Kingdom is full of heritage from the past. (...) And because there’s nothing as passionate as youth, Coimbra is also a lesson in romance. It is the city of poets and fado, where in every corner lived a great author and it is also the land of Inês de Castro and King Peter, two historical figures who lived the most famous and probably the most tragic love story in Portuguese History. (Source: Turismo de Portugal).

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