MED-SUV Final meeting, Rome - INGV - 6-7 April 2016

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MED-SUV Final meeting, Rome - INGV - 6-7 April 2016

Rome, INGV headquarters


The MEDiterranean SUpersite Volcanoes (MED-SUV) FP7 project after three year of activities organizes its final meeting at Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia in Rome on April 06 and 07, 2016.

The two days meeting offers the opportunity to sum up and discuss the main project achievements, to explore and sketch possibilities to continue the scientific collaboration among the consortium partners as well as open debates with other possible stakeholders.

A pre-meeting on April 5th 2016 opened the work focusing on the TOMO ETNA experiment.


The MEDiterranean SUpersite Volcanoes (MED-SUV) FP7 project aims to apply the rationale of the Supersites GEO initiative to a cluster of Supersite Italian volcanoes: Campi Flegrei/Vesuvius and Mt. Etna. The MED-SUV consortium was coordinated by INGV and was composed of 20 scientific institutions and 4 SMEs from 7 European and 2 American countries.

In compliance with the Supersites GEO initiative, MED-SUV focuses on 4 strategic objectives: optimisation and integration of ground-based and space-borne monitoring systems, promotion of data open-access and sharing, better understanding of volcanic processes, and increase in the effectiveness of the coordination between the scientific and end-user communities in hazard management.


During the running of the project, MED-SUV cooperated with two other European projects (FUTUREVOLC and MARsite), under the overarching coordination of EPOS (European Plate Observing System) project, to implement the European contribution to the GEO initiative of supersites.


The main goals of MED-SUV clearly comply with EPOS’s key objectives and with the other two EC Supersite Projects, FUTUREVOLC and MARsite, in particular on data management and sharing issues, and community building.

Please visit the MED-SUV meeting page : here

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