EPOS IP Project: TCS - ICS Integration Workshop

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EPOS IP Project: TCS - ICS Integration Workshop

The EPOS Implementation Phase Project will organise the EPOS Thematic Core Services (TCS) - Integrated Core Services (ICS) Integration Workshop in the beautiful city of Prague on March 15th – 17th, 2016.

Date & Venue
March 15 – 17, 2016
Prague, Hotel International

Main goals of the workshop are:
•    To finalize the contents of the "Data, Data product, Software and Services Catalogue" (DDSS);
•    To discuss the criteria and methods for TCS-ICS validation to be presented at the forthcoming Board of Governmental Representatives meeting on March 31st - April 1st 2016
•    To start activities on the governance & legal, financial, and communication issues.
This workshop is open to the EPOS IP Work Packages Leaders and to key community players:  communication, legal & governance, financial and IT resource persons of each Thematic Core Service. Participants will discuss issues critical to the effective implementation of EPOS services, and take the opportunity to fine-tune work plans.

Registration deadline is: 29 February 2016
For more information on the workshop please contact the organizing committee at:

File attached: Workshop agenda

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