EPOS Board Governmental Representatives Meeting

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EPOS Board Governmental Representatives Meeting

The EPOS Board Governmental Representatives will meet in Lisbon, the 31st March-1st April 2016 at the Hotel Sana. The meeting is a strategic one for EPOS, as Government Representatives will address key issues deemed essential as to allow EPOS maintaining its roadmap.

Date & Venue
March 31 – April 1, 2016
Lisbon, Hotel SANA

The BGR will tackle the following issues:

  • Selection of the Integrated Core Services Central hub (ICS-C) hosting country.
  • Discuss and approve the timeline for submitting the EPOS-ERIC legal establishment within 2016.
  • Have an update on EPOS IP Project and discuss the criteria and methods for TCS-ICS validation.
  • Board National Scientific Representative endorsement and definition on its duties, including interactions with EPOS IP project.
  • EPOS strategy for interaction with private sector and ethics issues.

File attached: the preliminary agenda

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