5th EPOS Board of Governmental Representatives meeting

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5th EPOS Board of Governmental Representatives meeting

ROME, Italy - Venue: Barceló Aran Park Hotel - Conference room

On May 7th 2015, EPOS will hold its fifth Board of Governmental Representatives meeting at the Barceló Aran Park Hotel in Rome.

The forthcoming meeting is an opportunity for EPOS to take decisions to move on with the constructon of EPOS; to discuss and approve the General Assembly voting principles and make discussion & recommendations on the legal and financial status of EPOS-ERIC partners and observers.

The meetings will focus on:

  • Formal approval of the Polish candidature for BGR co-chair
  • The EPOS Implementation
  • The ICS-C hosting
  • The Calculation of Total Membership Fees (TMF)

A high level of participation from Governmental Representatives is expected.


Meeting details:

Start:   May 7, 2015, 9:00

End:     May 7, 2015, 16:15

Venue: Barceló Aran Park Hotel, Conference room


Address: Via Riccardo Forster 24 | 00143 Roma

Telephone number: +39 06 510 72135

Fax: +39 065196 3976


Meeting registration deadline: 28 April 2015


For more information on the conference, please contact:

the EPOS Management Office (

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