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Massimo Cocco

EPOS IP project coordinator, INGV, Italy

The EPOS Newsletter issue 01
July 2016 | Article 01

Only eight months passed since the beginning of the implementation phase and we are very happy with the progress we have made up to this point. The way ahead is still full of challenges, but the EPOS architecture and roadmap are well designed and solid enough to tackle them. In these first eight months, we have been able to address several important issues concerning the technical implementation and the governance structure of Thematic Core Services (TCS), and the development of the Integrated Core Services (ICS). Moreover, the EPOS financial plan has been updated and the TCS cost assessment is presently underway.  For all these reasons, I encourage all partners and EPOS supporters to follow and contribute to the implementation phase. 

We can not deny that what achieved so far, including the crucial Master Table of the EPOS data, data-products, services and software (DDSS) provision, is also because of the important meetings involving the whole EPOS community held in Prague on March 14th – 17th and in Vienna on April 20th – 21st 2016, as well as of the numerous Project Development Board, Service Coordination Board and Board of Governmental Representatives meeting already organized.

Besides, EPOS is well acknowledged by the European Commission and ESFRI. All deliverables have been submitted and even more important we have compiled the Master Table of the EPOS data, data-products, services and software (DDSS) provision. We have had a good start and we can continue to build on it.

The overall good start should keep us attentive on communication and risks as well as on their management. For this reason, we must now put in practice the communication plan and the risk management plan.

This issue of the EPOS Newsletter is launching again this important initiative. The exploitation of the EPOS achievements requires the continuous dissemination and communication to users and stakeholders. For these reasons we kindly invite readers to follow us on the Newsletter, the EPOS website and on the social media as well as to share with us ideas and contributions to tackle these challenges through a participated teamwork. EPOS is looking for motivated contributions from all the community to succeed in its endeavors.

Best wishes,

Massimo Cocco